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Learn more about our history and the significance of Merrick-Moore High School and Mt. Zoar Missionary Baptist Church.

Merrick-Moore Community Development Corporation

The Merrick-Moore Community Development Corporation, in its diverse community, exists for charitable and educational purposes, to improve the overall quality of life of the poor, underprivileged, and disenfranchised by strengthening the bonds amongst our residents, which include but not limited to providing a forum for the sharing of information, promoting activities/events, fulfilling the community needs and through enhancing the homeowner’s property values. The core values of our organization are community service, activism, teamwork, loyalty, respect, and trust.


Merrick-Moore Community originally the Millie Rone Hall Estate on the Roane Plantation, runs along Cheek Road (which was “Fish Dam Road”). Our community was officially developed by V. F. Pope and H.L. Noell in 1947, with the first Black family to purchase land and build a home in 1940. Many of the first residents to purchase lots and build were veterans of WWII who were released from the duty of service between 1945 – 1946. There were many families who purchased multiple lots, most being brothers, sisters, parents and others who had come from farms before the war.

The church and school were stabilizing influences in the community. Most of the residents of the community were members of the church and all the children went to the school. 

Merrick-Moore Ladies Club came into being during the late 40’s to early 50’s.  Their purpose was through providing community service to residents who were in need. They visited the sick, cooked and provided household chores such as cooking and cleaning until they were able to provide for themselves.  They would also make monetary contributions raised through community fundraising events. The Merrick-Moore Community Club, composed of the men, was formed in 1952. Their focus was on community improvement through being politically engaged with city and state governments. Shortly after they formed, they joined forces with the Ladies Club and incorporated and gained nonprofit status.  They also were able to purchase two properties, one of which is currently developing as a community garden.


Merrick-Moore High School was named after John Merrick, an American businessman. Born into slavery in Clinton, North Carolina, Merrick founded various companies in the Raleigh, North Carolina and Durham, North Carolina areas, most notably the North Carolina Mutual Life Insurance Company and Aaron McDuffie Moore, M.D. was the first Black medical doctor of Durham, North Carolina, USA, and a prominent leader in the African American community based in the part of the city known as Hayti, hence the name of the community. Merrick-Moore was a power in the NCHSAC for many years winning state championships and in 1964-65 won its first state championship in football.   There were several who played college football and had tryouts for professional teams from this first championship team. One whose son is a college head coach. There were other notable and nationally recognized graduates of Merrick Moore.  In 1969 Merrick-Moore and all other black high schools except about six graduated their last classes with no provision being made for the preservation of their history and legacy, so it was with Merrick-Moore.


Mt Zoar Missionary Baptist Church Celebrated its 145th homecoming service in 2010. Today the history dates back 156 years. Property for the first location was donated by two white families, the Spencer and Carpenter Families. Located on Fish Dam Road, now Cheek Rd, approx. 2 ½ miles east of the current location.

Neighborhood Businesses 

  • Parkers Garage
  • Holloway Funeral Home
  • Ace Cab Service
  • Cozart’s market
  • Mr Briggs market
  • Hoppers market

Our Team

The MMCDC team is committed to serving the Merrick-Moore community!

Bonita Green

President & Executive Director

Ayanna Smith

Vice President

Reema Garabadu

Community Coordinator

Algin Holloway


Ponsella Brown


Aniya Bourne

Content Manager

Gloria Morgan

Governance Committee

Community service, activism, teamwork, loyalty, respect and trust!

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Letter to residents


My name is Bonita Green, current acting president of the Merrick-Moore Community Development Corporation. My family is one of the original founding families of this community, and my father was a past president of the association. Growing up in this community, I attended Merrick-Moore High School, grades 2-5. Myself, along with my family, were active members of the Mt. Zoar Baptist Church, where my father was chairman of the Deacon Board, and my mother was a Deaconess. This was a community where everyone knew each other. Neighbors were there to lend a helping hand. There was a true sense of community.

As President my goals are wrapped in community activism; 

  • To ensure the safety of our residents through lobbying for improvement of the infrastructure along Cheek RD (sidewalks, traffic lights, guard rails, improving the drainage system to guard against flooding)
  • Seeking resources for those that require financial help with needed home repairs (lead pipe removal, mold remediation, replacing old toilets, etc)
  • Overseeing the development of our community-owned property into a community garden
  • Ensuring the beautification of our neighborhood

To accomplish these goals, and more, we need your help. By working together collectively, the needs and concerns of this community will be better heard.