Merrick-Moore CDC

Merrick-Moore Community Development Corporation

Our Mission

The Merrick-Moore CDC, in it’s diverse community exists for charitable and educational purposes, to improve the overall quality of life for the poor, underprivileged and disenfranchised, by strengthening the bonds amongst our residents.

Our History

The Merrick-Moore Community, originally the Millie Rone Hall Estate on the Roane Plantation, runs along Cheek Road (which was “Fish Dam Road”). Our community was officially developed by V.F Pope and H.L Noell in 1947, with the first Black family to purchase land and build a home in 1940.

Many of the first residents to purchase lots and build were veterans of WWII who were released from the duty of service between 1945 – 1946. There were many families who purchased multiple lots, most being brothers, sisters, parents and others who had come from farms before the war.

Community Garden

Merrick-Moore community is steeped in the tradition of inground gardening. Many of the original residents were born from a life of sharecropping. Gardens were a lot of work but brought a great sense of pride in having neatly planted rows that were weed-free and produced an abundance of food to feed your family and others. My father’s mantra was to plant more than you need so that you have enough to share with those in need. (written by Bonita Green, MMCDC president)



Samuel Green Sr.
Community Garden


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Community Preservation




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