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A Visit to Catawba Trails Farm

This week a team from the Merrick-Moore Community went on an inspirational visit to Catawba Trails Farm in North Durham, a UCAN property. Delphine Sellers, executive Director and her sister Lucille were gracious hosts in sharing the history of the farm, their successes, failures and future vision for the farm. We received valued information to use in the development of our garden. They also blessed us with fresh mint that grows abundantly in their garden. I was smiling on my way home as the scent of mint filled my car. I had visions of mint tea, mint in a glass […]

July Neighborhood Clean Up Day

Our community, unfortunately, has been a dumping site for many people who are  discarding bulk trash and yard waste. On July 10th, we held the first in a series of cleanup days to take back our community from polluters! We had an amazing volunteer team of nursing students assist us in this cleanup effort. The team of volunteers was successful in the removal of 400lbs of tires and 200lbs of bagged and unbagged trash. 

‘Our Community Stories’ series features Merrick-Moore neighborhood

Neighborhood Improvement Service Department’s Our Community Stories series focuses on learning about historically Black neighborhoods in Durham, and in the month of April they chose to feature the Merrick-Moore neighborhood. The session featured interventions from longtime residents Bonita Green and Algin Holloway. To learn more about the Our Community Stories series, visit You can learn more about the story of our neighborhood on our About page, and you can see the full Our Community Stories video here:

Traffic related issues on Cheek Road

Traffic related issues on Cheek Road is a long standing problem that is progressively getting worse. Aggressive drivers, no  sidewalks and a lack of traffic control devices are the perfect recipe for disaster. We have had problems with identifying traffic accidents and pedestrian fatalities, because of the way they are classified. Our answer to this is to document each accident that happens in our community to provide more accuracy in reporting. This reporting will help in our ask for safer streets, sidewalks and traffic control devices.