Welcome to Merrick-Moore!

We’re the Merrick-Moore Community Development Corporation, a non-profit organization founded in 1952 to serve the Merrick-Moore neighborhood in Durham, North Carolina. Here you can learn about our community and our most recent projects.


Samuel Green Sr. Community Garden

The Samuel Green Sr Community Garden, located at 2421 Cheek Road,will provide a space to address food insecurity and foster a sense of community in the Merrick-Moore Neighborhood. The development of the garden is being facilitated by a grant from the UHaul Mini Grant, and we’re planning to plant our first crop in the Fall of 2021.

Our history

The Merrick-Moore Community was developed by V. F. Pope and H.L. Noell in 1947 and was surveyed by S. M. Credle on February 2, 1947. Merrick Moore High School was named after John Merrick, an American businessman […]

Our mission

The Merrick-Moore CDC, in its diverse community, exists for charitable and educational purposes, to improve the overall quality of the poor, underprivileged and disenfranchised, by strengthening the bonds amongst our residents.
Here are some of our recent advocacy projects:

Samuel Green Sr. Community Garden

Traffic safety and sidewalks

Equitable urban development

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